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Welcome to
Tantra-Shiva in Cologne

Tantra Shiva is your classy, stylish and discreet ambience in the center of Cologne, the international citie with heart, your ultimate place to experience the new  way to relive wellness for HIM and HER with SENSUOUS TANTRA BODY-TO-BODY FULL MASSAGE and TRADITIONAL WELLNESS MASSAGE.

The basis of our massage goes back to the tantric tradition and is slowly gently moving within a sensuous and erotic sphere of relaxation which our and female and male masseurs create only for you. Our team members are fully fledged in all types of therapeutic massage techniques.

Let yourself be led into the deep union of spirituality between the body and the divine with consciousness and sensuality. Once you have absorbed the deep wellbeing of a Tantra massage with all your senses, you will never forget those sensations.

We are really looking forward to your visit.

What is Tantra?

The word Tantra comes from Sanskrit and means tissue, interweaving, spreading. Tantra stands for the connection of body, soul and spirit.

Tantric massage is a form of massage that involves, perceives and arouses the whole human being in all his sensory sensations.

Tantra is all about consciously training the perceptions and the senses and developing an all-encompassing understanding of interrelated contexts and promoting the connectedness of all things and all being.

A tantra massage can open a very holistic and profound sense and essence experience on many levels.

Tantra is a spiritual path that, in contrast to most other spiritual and religious directions, does not reject sexual energy or see it as something “low”, but deeply affirms it.

The body is the basis for everything else in Tantra, for the emotional, spiritual and spiritual development. It is important to get to know your own body better, in order to gain better access to your feelings.

The tantric way means the awakening of your basic life energy through acceptance of your own inner pleasure, without losing yourself in unreflected living out of your sexuality.

The view of our sexuality is quite different from the often lust-denying of our Western world. Sexual energy is revered, respected and valued as the divine creator power that enables us to be alive in this world.

Tantra teaches you to accept and love your own body and your whole person.

Tantra massages

This type of massage is very gentle with warm oil on the whole body (body-to-body massage).

With color therapy – our sensual bath program of a special kind with foam massage Tantra XXL. Before the Lingam massage / Yoni massage you will experience a special kind of wellness treatment.

With this massage, the guru gel is generously poured over your entire body. Afterwards, the masseuse distributes the gel to her naked body and also massages the body predominantly.

The erotic and sensuality of tantra massage are doubled
by 2 masseuses per guest.

Exclusive tantra body-to-body massage as a couple experience for two in the basic version, with Lingam / Yoni massage in the same or separate rooms.

With this body-to-body intensive massage, the masseuse distributes a lot of warm oil over her and her entire body. She will move naked on you and massage your body with her body.

Sensual body-to-body massage with hot lava stones, especially against muscle tension. The Hot Stone Massage is based on an ancient Oriental-Asian massage method.

Ayurveda perceives the body, mind and soul as a symbiotic unity and integrates all areas that affect our physical and mental balance. With warm ayurvedic oils, soothing and sensual at the same time.

Discover the sensual
art of tantra massage

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