What is Tantra?

The word Tantra comes from Sanskrit and means tissue, interweaving, spreading. Tantra stands for the connection of body, soul and spirit.

Tantric massage is a form of massage that involves, perceives and arouses the whole human being in all his sensory sensations.

Tantra is all about consciously training the perceptions and the senses and developing an all-encompassing understanding of interrelated contexts and promoting the connectedness of all things and all being.

A tantra massage can open a very holistic and profound sense and essence experience on many levels.

Tantra is a spiritual path that, in contrast to most other spiritual and religious directions, does not reject sexual energy or see it as something “low”, but deeply affirms it.

The body is the basis for everything else in Tantra, for the emotional, spiritual and spiritual development. It is important to get to know your own body better, in order to gain better access to your feelings.

The tantric way means the awakening of your basic life energy through acceptance of your own inner pleasure, without losing yourself in unreflected living out of your sexuality.

The view of our sexuality is quite different from the often lust-denying of our Western world. Sexual energy is revered, respected and valued as the divine creator power that enables us to be alive in this world.

Tantra teaches you to accept and love your own body and your whole person.

Course of massage

Our team members and you as a guest are undressed during the massage, in order to naturally experience the tender to strong whole body touches all the more intensively.

We also offer a common shower with the masseuse, of course without extra charge. Light touches are allowed, but not in the genital area.

The massage is accompanied by sensitive and quiet background music, which makes it easier for you to slide completely into the relaxation.

The tantric massages are holistic through the inclusion of body, mind and soul.

Our guests should let themselves fall completely and enjoy the touches all over the body.

During the massage, the back and front of the guest are extensively massaged with the hands and also with the assistance of the masseur’s chest and upper abdomen (“body-to-body massage”).

It uses natural oils and scented essences and handles various massage techniques.

Our masseuses use many intense body-to-body elements during the massage with warm oil all over their body.

It’s like a “dance on the whole body”.

Depending on the type of massage booked, the intimate area of ​​the guest is intentionally touched and massaged as well, in the case of the man this is the lingam massage and in the case of the woman the yoni massage.

After the massage you can – either alone or together with the masseuse – take a shower bath to remove the massage oil.

Dear guests, please understand that we do not offer oral and sexual intercourse.

Tantra massages
… for all the senses!

Tantric massage is a form of massage that involves, perceives
and arouses the whole human being in all his sensory sensations.

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